Of the many JungSon integrated hi-fi amplifiers offered during the past decade, perhaps none has had as dramatic an impact on the design landscape as the JA-88D. Introduced in 2003, it went on to become a true classic and a design icon- the best JungSon integrated amplifier so far. The JungSon JA-88D is a new class of its own showing so that High-End Audio is now accessible for many people.


  The newly released JungSon JA88D-09 is an improved version of JungSon’s successful JA88D-03 Fully Balanced Class-A integrated Amplifier, which own many International awards, including a ‘Highly Commended’ amplifier award by Sound & Image Magazine. While keeping all the features of the original award-winning amplifier, the new version now has a built-in phono stage. The new phono input is switchable between moving-coil (MC) and moving-magnet (MM) modes. The JA88D-09 also adds an extra line output to make it easy to connect to external recording components or to other amplifiers and subwoofers.


  The JA88D-09 has a fully balanced and zero negative feedback circuit and is rated with a power output of 80-watts per channel, which is delivered in pure Class-A power. It has one balanced (XLR) input and four RCA inputs, and two pairs of speaker outputs for bi-wiring. Started from August 2010, JA88D (09) comes with a new beautifully crafted all aluminum remote control unit.



New layout and improved 2009 edition

Great enhancement in sonic performance

Built-in phono stage (switchable between MC / MM modes)

Direct connection to analogue turntables for playing vinyls

More musical, noble and silky than the previous edition

Beautifully crafted all aluminum remote control unit

Fully balanced, fully symmetrical no negative feedback circuit

Pure Class A 80W RMS output

80000uF filter capacitance for pre-amplifier section

160000uF filter capacitance for power-amplifier section

8 pairs of high power output transistors

Fully sheathed and anti-shock aluminium alloy case

Infrared full remote control

Jeff Rowland standard digital stepping volume control

700W massive special formulated square transformer by JungSon

Unique designed heat sink: 1.8 sq m copper radiator

3 pairs of RCA line level inputs

1 pair of RCA analog turntable input

1 pair of XLR balanced input

2 sets (4 pairs) of speaker output terminals

Detachable power cord system (IEC)


Technische specificatie:



FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20Hz – 20kHz (+/-0.5db)


OUTPUT POWER: 2 x 80W, Pure class A (8ohms)

INPUT INTERFACE: 3 pairs (RCA line input),

                                1 pair (XLR balanced input),

                                1 pair (RCA vinyl player input)

OUTPUT INTERFACE:  1 pair (RCA preamplifier output)

                                     4 pairs (speaker output)

THD: <0.05% (1W, 1kHz)

S/N RATIO: >=100db

DIMENSIONS: 470 x 430 x 190 (mm)


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