Een betere transistor-voorversterker dan de DUSSUN R10 moet nog gemaakt worden. Het is de ideale partner voor de DUSSUN R20 mono-eindversterkers.

Zie de uitgebreide specificaties hier onder en raak zelf overtuigd van deze buitencategorie voorversterker.



R10 is a high grade preamplifier developed and handcrafted elaborately for re-rendering of full music spirit and connotation. Its Design Reference Benchmark is 'State of the Art Counterpart Hi-End Integrated Amplifiers' in terms of performance, tone, function, construction and fabrication.

It is born under the principle of uncompromising in terms of development, design, materials and components as well as craftsmanship and overall quality, a real hi-end machine.

In addition to the technical specification for a hi-end amplifier deserved, R10's sound possesses outstanding quietness, rich details, dense timbre as well as transparent and spacious tone. It escorts the audience to rediscover the performing atmosphere and rich sound spatial information from those familiar CDs which missed before.


The R10  beside others in its design offers the following highlights:

Thorough independent dual-mono channel design:

The R10 uses a fully independent dual mono design that isolates each channel from the other. Therefore it comes with separate power supplies for the two audio channels, and additional, also completely separate supplies for the control, display and communication circuitry in the controlling section. In fact, there is a die cast aluminum wall between the two channels in the pre-amplifier and all sub-circuits separating Left from Right channels fully, physically as well as electrically. The remarkable efforts to preserve isolation between channels in the R10 deliver superior imaging specificity and accuracy, creating a vividly rich, three dimensional sonic image.

Extraordinary isolation:

In addition to the isolation between channels, isolation between inputs in the R10 perhaps is unsurpassed. By using a discrete "T-switch" input switching along with special shielding and board layout, the selected source effectively has the preamplifier "all to itself" by effectively "unplugging" inputs not being used. This design delivers better than 120 dB separation between even adjacent input connectors, ensuring that you hear only the source you intend to hear, without even subtle contamination from other active source components.

Fully balanced design:

The unit is fully balanced from input to output. In fact, even single-ended inputs are converted to balanced once upon entering the preamp, and are handled in a balanced fashion thereafter. The rigorous implementation of the balanced circuitry conveys all of the information present in the source signal to the power amplifier, without the limitations of asymmetrical single-ended designs.

High precise volume control in 0.1dB steps with left and right channel fine-synchronized:

Considering the volume control is one of the souls especial also of pre-amplifiers, R10 employs a DUSSUN-developed revolutionary volume precision and resolution system, with 0.1 dB-step volume control. set up by a 16-bit performance, digital controlled analogue circuit  with 98 surface-mounted, precision resistors per channel and 1/65,535 level superfine resolution within whole volume control range from zero to maximum.

It delivers greater transparency than any volume control technology we have ever experienced and also by providing increments as small as 0.1 dB, allows you to select precisely the correct volume for any given recording, and to do so repeatedly. Local supply regulation and passive bypass components are used to assure optimum results.

Multiple output:

The machine includes two of main outputs per channel: one of balanced outputs on high quality XLRs, and one of single-ended outputs on RCA Jacks. The XLR and RCA outputs are buffered independently of each other, and may be used simultaneously without degrading performance.

Independent power supplies:

Three power supplies divide the task of providing clean and stable DC power to the various circuit elements. Common mode and differential filtering capacitors are used on the AC mains input to pre-filter high frequency noise.

All control and display circuitry are powered from a separate, low-voltage DC supply. This approach also prevents noise generated by control and display circuitry from finding its way into the audio circuits.

Left and right channel audio circuits are powered by two independent power supplies. Custom-designed R-type transformers are used to reduce the AC main voltage properly to that required for the audio supplies.

Independent rectification and filtering is followed by active regulation for voltage gain and volume control circuits.

Separate power supplies for left and right channels ensure that demand from one channel cannot modulate the power supply of the adjacent channel. This dual-mono approach results in the most effortless reproduction of dynamic contrast as well as stable and detailed stereo imaging.

Remote control & user interface:

A newly designed remote control unit complete operating control functions in a small and elegant package. The user interface is rooted in the advanced design of R10. Large knobs for volume and input select help the unit retain the tactile benefits and functionality of traditional preamplifier designs. Of particular interest, inputs may be named appropriately, and the selector knob cycles only between those inputs. In this way the R10 can be operated as if it were Custom-designed for each source component.


Regardless of the technology used, numerous details have to match for fully realizing the potential of thisdesign. They, such as quality of individual components, the care and craftsmanship with which they are assembled and the exhaustive inspection and testing employed help raise the value of this product greatly.

Strong control and pre-set functions, such as:

  • Individually pre-set gain level for all input terminals

  • Individually pre-set channel name for all input terminals

  • Display screen brightness adjustable for 4 levels

  • Maximum volume pre-set to protect expensive loudspeakers

  • Fade-in volume when switching on

  • Aluminum full functions remote control unit

Technical Data

No. of Input Groups RCA:

No. of Input Groups XLR balanced:

Input Impedance:

Voltage Gain:

Gain Resolution:

Volume Control Range:


Maximum Output:

Frequency Range:

THD + Noise:

Cross Talk: 

S/N Ratio:

Output Impedance:

Remote Control:

Power Supply:

Environment Temperature:




Shipping Weight:



50 kΩ

6, 12 or 18 dB in line stage

0.1 dB steps above 31 in display (-50,0 dB)

80.0 dB

1 group RCA, 1 group XLR, 1 group line, 1x trigger out


10Hz to 40 KHz ± 0.1dB



≥ 105 dB, A-weighted

≤50Ω XLR, ≤25Ω RCA

Infrared, in alumina enclosure

 A/C 110V/60Hz, 220/50Hz, 230V/50Hz, 240V/50Hz




440x97x400 mm, WxHxD

24 kg approx.

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