YAQIN MC-100B, de aangewezen buizen-versterker voor degenen die op  zoek zijn naar veel uitgangs-vermogen. De KT 88 buis staat hier bij uitstek om bekend: krachtig, dynamisch en transparant.


Technical Data

Output Power:
Frequency Response:

Input Sensitivity:

Input Impedance:

No. of Inputs:

Output Impedance:

In- and Outputs:

Power Supply:

Power Consumption:




ultra-linear 2x 60W, triode state 2x 30W on 8Ω

5 Hz - 80KHz- 2 dB

< 1.5 %

90 dB, Class A weighted

switchable, integrated 0.25V, only power 0.6V

20 kâ?¦

RCA, 4x  integrated rear, 1x power stage front

2 groups, 1x 4Ω and 1x 8Ω

all gold-plated

2x 12AX7, 4x 6SN7, 4x KT88

AC 110 V / 60Hz or 220-240 V / 50Hz or 240 V / 50Hz

300 W


39×49×19 cm, W x D x H net, 60x52x36 cm shipping
approx. 23 kg net, approx. 30 kg gross




This latest enhanced version of MC-100L Class A tube amplifier, an excellent machine, ideal for HiFi purists, tube rollers, savers and budget buyers comes with high quality components and  offers the following features:

  • Class A push-pull circuit for reduced distortion

  • Operational switchable for functioning as integrated amplifier or power amplifier only (via external pre-amp)

  • Switchable between ultra linear 65 W and 32 W pure triode  operating mode in push-pull circuit

  • Two separate amps with two separate power supplies on one chassis

  • Final stage in dual mono design 

  • SRPP circuit design and  Nagao-type inverter in pre-amplifier section

  • ULPP circuit design in power amplification

  • Convenient BIAS control and adjustment via external testing sockets and potentiometers easy accessible on top panel of amp

  • 4x KT-88 tubes in final stage, export version

  • 4x 6SN7 and 2x 12AX7in pre-stage

  • High-end output transformers based on Japanese audio grade silicon steel sheet in thickness 0.35 mm and high-quality enameled wiring in special coiling arrangement responsible for wide frequency response and dynamic range at full rated output

  • Audiophile High-end electrolyte MKP capacitors as well as high quality metal precision resistors

  • Imported high-quality low noise and durable potentiometer as volume controller

  • Detachable power cord

  • Heavy duty chassis with top in stainless steel, steel bottom and front panel as well as bezels in aluminum

  • Tube protection cage

It will drive any speakers with great authority in full frequency extension and bass control.


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