DUSSUN S 8 the integrated transistor amplifier that will not be surpassed by any other transistor amp under 3000 EURO




  S8 is a new integrated amplifier developed and handcrafted elaborately to re-render full music sprit and connotation,whose design reference benchmark is state of the art counterpart hi-end integrated amplifiers’ performance, tone, function, construction and fabrication. S8 shares the core design features of the flatship reference series but at an affordable price.


     In addition to the technical specification for a hi-end amplifier deserved, S8’s sound possessed outstanding quietness, rich details, dense timbre and transparent and spacious tone. It escorted the audience to rediscover the performing atmosphere and rich sound spatial information from those familiar CDs which was missed before.






● Ultra high-end left and right channel fine synchronized high precision volume control:

  Considering the volume control device as one of the souls of an amplifier, S8 employed Dussun developed volume control device, set up by a digital controlled analogue circuit and possessed super fine resolution within the (10000 times volume changes) control range.  This volume control comprising circuit high linear solid state switch and precise resistance, ensured precise synchronization of left and right channel volume control at any position within its 80 dB volume control range. All problems of sound quality degradation and application intervention from frequency and phase distortion, volume synchronization error, sliding friction noise, limited lifetime attribute to traditional volume control potentiometers’ various voltage ratio, was eliminated. Either in  working principle or practical performance, this reached the highest technical level fully among the state of the art hi-end amplifier volume control.




●  Low distortion, Non-feedback Power output stage:

  The newest designed  “Optimized Self-Adaptive Bias Circuit”   Improved significantly the linearity in output stage signal crossover region, while maintaining huge power output without switch distortion. Much different from routine design which removed output stage feedback resulting in highly increased non-linear distortion, especially at high frequency range, S8 accomplished super low crossover distortion by its  “Optimized Self-Adaptive Bias Circuit”. Along with the most nature and spacious tone from a “non-feedback at output terminal amplifier”, It achieved the perfect result of full power output, low distortion, high sound quality in the whole audio frequency.




Thorough independent dual-mono channel design:

  S8’s left and right channel circuit as well as control units were equipped with individual independent power supply system. Data used to control individual channel was transmitted in terms of optical transmission. Absolute electric isolation made S8 true to its name, dual mono channel amplifier, which working as same as two sets of precisely synchronized independent mono channel amplifiers, nil stereo crossover between left and right channel, resulting in pinpoint accurate sound images.




● Strong control and pre-set functions:

Individually pre-set gain level for all input terminals

Individually pre-set channel name for all input terminals

Display screen brightness adjustable for 4 levels

Maximum volume pre-set to protect expensive loudspeakers

Fade-in volume when switching on

Aluminium full functions remote control unit

Exclusive Dussun gold-plated high-current audio connectors

Detachable power cord system (IEC)



OUTPUT POWER RMS: 2 x 180W Class A (8ohms),

                                       2 x 350W Class A (4ohms)

                                        (from 20Hz to 20Khz at less than 0.3%THD)

FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20Hz – 20Khz +/- 0.5db


GAIN RESOLUTION: 0.1 db steps above 31 in display (-50.0 dB)

GAIN:   6, 12, or 18 db selectable in the line stage

            26.8 dB in the amplifier section


S/N RATIO: >=103db (A weighed)


OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: ≤0.07ohm (20Hz to 20Khz)

DIMENTIONS: 435W x 218H x 520D (mm)


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