It is said that tube amplifiers provided with EL 84 tubes are entry level models and used as a step to more expensive or larger tube amplifiers, but nothing is less true. The YAQIN MC-84 L performs particularly well and the EL 84 is a unique beautiful sounding tube. YAQIN certainly has not cut back on the finish because this amplifier, especially in its price class, is beautifully finished with its wooden panels and copper plating.
We can supply the amplifier for an additional charge with the top tubes of Mullard. In this case you will pay 820. This is certainly not a necessity because the YAQIN MC-84L already provides excellent performance with standard SHUGUANG tubes but it is, as a customer of us expressed "the icing on the cake"




Uitgangsvermogen: 2 x 12 W. Klasse A.

Buizen: EL 84 x 4, 12AX7 x 2

S/N: > 78 dB

Frequentie-bereik: 6 Hz - 60 Hz.

Ingangs-gevoeligheid: 300 mV.

Uitgangs-impendantie: 4 Ohm en 8 Ohm

Aantal ingangen: 2 x

Afmetingen: B. x D. x H. : 420 x 35 x 285 mm.

110-240 V

Gewicht: 14 kg.

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