Powerful while delicate sounding single ended class A tube amplifier

All point to point wiring (hand soldering)

2 x 12AX7 plus 2 x special 310A for pre-amplifier session

2 x  300B vacuum tube for impulse stage

2 x 845 vacuum tubes for power output

Soft start (about 30 seconds)design for optimum protection

High precision VU meter and bias adjustment knobs on top panel

Elegant power output meter with 2 needles for fine indication

Bias adjustment available for 845 tubes and 300B tubes

Different bias setting for different sonic presentations

Special handmade heavy duty gigantic Ei power transformer

Special handmade wide frequency response Ei audio transformers

Dual power transformers and dual audio choke coils

Silver plated high purity copper internal signal wiring

High quality Japan ALPS motorized volume control

Elegant remote control unit

4ohm / 8ohm / 16ohm selectable output load impedance

Detachable power cord system (IEC)


Power output: 2 x 24W Class A

Frequency Response: 15 Hz - 35 kHz, -1.5db

Input sensitivity: 230mV (as integrated amplifier)

                               1000mV (as power amplifier)

Input impedance: 100Kohms

Output load impedance: 4ohms, 8ohms, 16ohms selectable

THD+N: ≤ 1 %/ 1Khz

S/N ratio: ≥ 87 db

Power Consumption: 400W

Dimension W x H x D : 430 x 400 x 430 mm

Weight: about 55 kgs

Tubes..S.E.T….it’s a beautiful thing.

The Beautiful tank like 120-130lb 219ia integrated amp is a behemoth in size and weight. It had to be shipped via freight in a huge wooden crate on a pallet. Took a week to arrive after shipping and when I went to pick it up it required 2 of us to load the box into my car. Line Magentic makes these amps in China but do not think for a moment that this is just another cheap chinese amp because A: It is not cheap and B: It’s build rivals amps made in the U.S.A. that cost over $20,000 and up. C: Once properly tubed up it will rival any amp I have ever heard at ANY price.

The amp uses the powerhouse 845 tube for its output and the magical vocal/midrange masterpiece 300B tube for the driver stage. Western Electric 310a replicas and 12AX7’s fill out the rest of the tube compliment which I believe are part of the pre-amp stage.

After a few days of ownership I knew that this amp needed new tubes as the stock tubes were a little on the “soft” side (yes, better tubes make huge differences in sound). I quickly went all out and purchased the PSVANE Western Electric 300B replicas and a pair of SHUGUANG 845 Natural Series tubes. I had some NOS 12AX7 and purchased some NOS 310A tubes as well. Once powered on with these new tubes the sound took on a whole new signature. Gone was the softness and slight muffled sound that I encountered when I 1st powered up the amp. Now it was louder and seemed to have even more power..it had airy highs and a tighter yet fuller bass. The soundstage was HUMONGOUS..largest width I have ever experienced in my life – with certain recordings it could spread out from the speakers and fill the entire room making it hard to believe the sound was coming from the speakers. This was with FRESH tubes and I knew it could only get better from here.

The sound is typical 845 with a slight 300B midrange magic present. It was quite different from the 518ia I had in my system for 3-4 weeks (loaner from dealer). It was “bigger” and more “effortless” in its presentation. Yes, effortless with my hard to drive speakers! In fact, this amp replaced a Solid State amp that was giving my speakers 600 Watts per channel! Yes, before this amp I had a Musical Fidelity Tri Vista 300 which gave 600 watts into a 4 ohm load. It was a tad muffled sounding, a bit flat, a smaller soundstage width and height ..but it did go way loud and in fact, way too loud then I would ever need. But it did not make my speakers disappear like the 219ia does. Not even close. It just pumped out music through the speakers and was enjoyable but I knew it was not “IT” for my setup.

The 219ia lets the music flow and breathe through my speakers almost using them as a living being with the amp providing the voice. 

Yes I know this sounds extreme for an audio review but there are nights (best time to listen) when I sit in amazement and disbelief (with certain recordings) as to what is coming out of these speakers with the 219ia powering the system. I no longer sit there and think “what can I add or change to make it even better”. Different maybe. Better..no. This is the sound I have been hunting for 20 years and it came from a high quality Chinese made low powered SET tube amp that retails in the USA for $7500. Expensive? Yes, but if this was a USA made amp it would cost $25k as some other USA made amps do. The build is the best I have ever seen..anywhere, from any company, no matter the cost. The build beats my old McIntosh 2275 and 7000 Integrated amps, so that puts it in great company.

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