The equipment supplied by us is qualitatively equivalent to that of our competitors / colleagues but is priced considerably lower. For more than three years we have been supplying top-quality equipment to our customers at home and abroad. Please take a look in our guestbook for the very positive reviews. HIGHENDAUDIOIMPORT does not have an expensive retail outlet, no showroom and no expensive stocks. We have eliminated the money-consuming brokering and retailtrade. Moreover, we take pleasure in a modest profit margin. However, this is not at the expense of the service and guarantee. We (and therefore you!) can call on the manufacturer's warranty at any time but we have our own fast and expert service department here in Europe! We give a two-year warranty on the equipment supplied by us in accordance with the EU conditions. So-called cheap counterfeit or clones do not come to us! We only sell original equipment manufactured by the brands listed on our website. All products that we sell are applicable and suitable for all european countries.The contacts we have build up over the years, especially in China,  enable us to purchase at very competitive prices. This largely benefits our customers.

The average delivery time is 10/15 working days.