Voor de man of vrouw die op zoek is naar een perfect presterende en zeer degelijk uitgevoerde buizen-cd-speler. Geen kwetsbaar kunststof maar aluminium en roestvrij staal vormen de basis van dit prachtige apparaat.

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·     It adopts SANYO high precision chips in Japan and is of excellent stability and CD recognition.
·     Servo circuit adopts Philips SAA7824 chips.
·     It adopts PCM1794U chips produced by BB
·     It adopts high-quality multilayer filter circuit and can validly clear digital signal, to bring you music signal output of high fidelity.
·     It adopts two 6N8P amplifier circuits with excellent acoustics and strong driving force together with high fidelity operational amplifier output. The two pair are alternative.
·     it adopts coaxial digital signal output (Can connect with audio decoder)
·     The auto circuit is manufactured by Philips (MKP) no polar capacitor, popular audio special electrolysis as filtering and metal resistance of high precision.
·     Power transformer is made of silicon steel sheet (0.35mm) special for audio frequency, and oxygen-free enameled copper wire of high tension in special wiring process. So the machine is with less electromagnetic interference, strong driving force and transparent, powerful acoustics.

Input :  110V-240V 
Vacuum Tube: 6N8P x 2
Audio Output Signal; 2.1V
Freq Response: 10Hz - 30kHz (±0.5dB)
Signal Noise Ratio: ≥108dB (A)
  Distortion: ≤0.005% (1kHz OP)
Dynamic Range : ≥110 dB
 Digital Output: Coaxial
 Analog Output 

Tube Output x 1, OPA Output x 1


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